Black Badge

The IPSC Canada National Training program, or as it is better known as the “Black Badge” course. The course is used to train competitors in our sport and give them the basic skills necessary to participate in IPSC competitions. A manual is provided to assist the students and will be used as a reference throughout the course.

The Black Badge course teaches a combination of safety, proficiency, and understanding of the rules. The progression of skills will be learned by:

  • Reading the materials that are provided with this course.
  • Observing techniques demonstrated by the instructor.
  • Doing the techniques under the close supervision of the instructor.

The emphasis of the Black Badge course is safety. Recognizing this, many other clubs and organizations use the Black Badge course as their standard for training or in lieu of their own training program.

The Black Badge course contains both a theoretical and practical component. Students should expect to spend up to 8 hours in a classroom environment.

Here, they will learn the safety procedures involved when moving with a firearm, reloading under time pressure and drawing from a holster. They will learn the rules of the game and practice all of these under cold conditions (unloaded firearms and magazines) before proceeding with the Practical part of the course.

A full day is spent on the range, where students will practice the skills needed for IPSC style competitions. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Drawing from a holster
  • Reloading
  • Reloading on the move
  • Moving with a firearm
  • Shooting strong and weak handed
  • Shooting from various positions

Both new and experienced targets shooters are welcome. This course will demonstrate all of the necessary skills to shoot an IPSC Course of fire safely and accurately.

Upon completion of the course the students will be very safe and sufficiently proficient to allow them to compete in competitions at local clubs and at Provincial and National events. They will be known as qualified IPSC competitors and are entitled to a certificate, a numbered “Black Badge” and to participate in all sanctioned IPSC events.

All instructors must be current IPSC Canada members and listed as an instructor with the NTO. All students must join IPSC Canada in order to take the course, qualify and receive an IPSC Canada Black Badge. Students will be provided with a current Rule Book and must pay all of the necessary course and membership fees.

Please contact your local IPSC section about training course calendar.