PractiScore is an approved scoring program

IPSC Canada

IPSC Canada Regional Director approved PractiScore as a scoring program for any L1, L2 and L3 matches in Canada. PractiScore app works on Android and iOS/Apple phones and tablets and allows to deliver match results faster and save time for Match Director and Stats Officers.

We encourage all Range Officers and Match Directors to get familiar with the system. Here is a short list of good practices to follow, especially for a large matches.

For the Match Director and Stats:

  • Name your scoring devices used by ROs according to stage names, e.g. “Stages 1,3 Bay 1″ (see Import/Export / Device Name in the app)
  • Put a sticker on the front of device with device name, so you’d always use same device for same stage
  • Lock individual stage to devices (to avoid scores entered to a wrong stage). It is a device-specific setting.
  • In Android app, see stage editing screen, entry menu (vertical dots) on the right.
  • In iOS/Apple app, see lock icon on the right of the stage entry.
  • When using one tablet to score multiple stages in the same bay configure tablet according to how stages are shot In Android app, see icon at the top on the squad list scoring screen
    • use “back-to-back” mode when same shooter run multiple stages
    • use “sequential” mode when all shooters are run on each stage before going to the next stage
  • Enable “Secure Match” mode to prevent stage ROs to change competitor info at the stages (secure pin/password will be required to make changes)
  • In Android app, you can also enable score logging in match setting. If you have an SD card in device, select a folder on sd card. This will create a human readable log of all saved scores
  • After competitor registration is imported – verify match divisions, categories and procedural rules are present and correct

While running match:

  • When syncing, always pull scores only to a dedicated “Master” device (i.e. avoid pulling scores between scoring devices). This makes it easier to investigate issues in case of any troubles (and also easier to find scores if anything is missing).
  • When pulling data from scoring devices, keep an eye on the battery levels.
  • Keep an eye on Notifications screen for DQs, DNFs, warnings, additional penalties and other things.
  • In Android app you can also keep an eye on “edits”, “dnf”, “dq”, “apen”, “warn” filters on the shooter list screen. See the full list of special filters here.

For Range Officers and score keepers:

  • Keep device screen off while not scoring to save battery
  • Verify entered time
  • When scoring is called, enter data first and then read entered data from the screen (not when you hear it before entering)
  • Always verify selected stage and competitor is correct. Say it out loud to competitor when showing him review screen with his stage score
  • When scoring – select appropriate Procedural Penalties (note the difference from NS)
  • When issuing DQ or DNF always select appropriate rules (multiple as applicable) from the list and enter any additional notes in the text field (RO names and DQ details)

For Stage CRO:

  • Take printed receipt from RO or score keeper and verify stage, competitor and time is correct before giving it to Competitor